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Welcome to Flake rules page!
Please read all the rules to avoid disputes with the staff!
📌the rules can be updated at any time!

Player Report Ban Appeal

Rules First Offense Second Offense Third Offense
Account trading Ban (15 Days) Ban (30 Days) Ban (Permanent)
Advertising Mute (1 hours) Mute (6h Hours) Ban Permanent
Ban evasion Ban (Permanent)
Blackmailing Ban (14 Days) Ban (21 Days) Ban (permanent)
Chargebacking Ban {Permanent}
Cheating and illegal modifications Ban {40 Days) Ban (permanent)
Cyber/DDoS threats and wishes Ban (permanent)
Discrimination Ban (1Day) Ban (7Days) Ban (permanent)
Death threats and wishes Ban (15 Days) Ban (30Days) Ban (permanent)
Doxing (including threats) Ban (40 Days) ban (permanent)
Duping Ban (permanent)

No duping/exploiting | Ban 8 days | ban 16 Days | permanent ban
No cheating | Ban 10 Days | Ban 15 Days | Permanent ban