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Payments Support
Started by ProsameOG



02 Dec 2023
Last Seen
22 Apr 2024

Flake payment support applications

Hello, in order to make a payment support application, you should know a few things!

  1. When creating payment support applications, we look at all the important things, where things went wrong with item distribution in the game, please tell us the username you used when you bought a rank or item!
  2. By creating a payment application as a joke, we have the right to blacklist you from our website.
  3. If you have bought for real money from a player, we are not responsible for it!
  4. If you are under 18 and your parents have given you permission to buy an item or rank from our store, please let your parents contact us using this payment-support application

If you haven't got an item/rank on the server after 24-48 hours, safely click on flake.lv/payment-support and fill in all the requirements correctly!

ProsameOG · 3 months ago · Last edited: 3 months ago